Thoth Bookmark - God of Wisdom, Scribes, and Writing - Egyptian Papyrus Bookmarks History Educational

Thoth Bookmark - God of Wisdom, Scribes, and Writing - Egyptian Papyrus Bookmarks History Educational

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Country of Origin: EGYPT

Thoth was the god of the moon, sacred texts, mathematics, the sciences, magic, messenger and recorder of the deities, master of knowledge, and patron of scribes. His Egyptian name was Djehuty, which means "He who is like the Ibis." He was portrayed as an ibis bird or a baboon.

According to one legend, Thoth was born from Ra's lips at the beginning of creation and was known as the "god without a mother." In another story, Thoth is self-created at the beginning of time and, as an ibis, lays the cosmic egg that contains all of creation. He was always associated with Ra and the concept of divine order and justice.

Thoth was credited with inventing writing, the calendar, and controlling space and time. He had celestial functions as the moon god and replaced the sun god, Ra, in the sky at night.

Thoth served as a messenger and bookkeeper for the funerary deities. He was in charge of recording the outcome of the heart-weighing ceremony, which determined whether or not the person could proceed to the Afterlife. They passed if their heart (spirit) was balanced with Ma'at's Feather of Truth. However, if the person's heart was heavier than the feather, he or she did not pass. the way we think, and how we think.

If a problem could not be solved, Thoth suggested that a group gather as an assembly and discuss it.

The role of the God of Wisdom, Scribes, and Writing
Appearance: A baboon or an ibis-headed man. In either of these forms, he is frequently seen with the moon on his head.
Ibis and baboon are sacred animals.
Hermopolis is a religious center.

• Material:
High Quality %100 Certified Original Authentic Papyrus Paper

• Dimensions: Approximately
W x H = 1.75 x 7.10 inch
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• Imported from Giza, Egypt

These Egyptian made papyrus bookmarks are the ideal present for readers who are fascinated by ancient Egypt!

Egyptian Papyrus Bookmarks comes in a transparent cover.

• Great to frame as wall art. Our papyrus bookmarks are UNFRAMED and LAMINATED.

• Please be careful when handling because the papyrus is delicate


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