OSIRIS Bookmark - Ruler of The Underworld and The God of Rebirth and Resurrection - Papyrus Bookmarks History Educational - 1.75x6.90 inches

OSIRIS Bookmark - Ruler of The Underworld and The God of Rebirth and Resurrection - Papyrus Bookmarks History Educational - 1.75x6.90 inches

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Country of Origin: EGYPT

Use these Goddess OSIRIS bookmarks to mark pages you wish to revisit. These bookmarks serve as page markers and decorative additions for avid readers or students.

There is no such thing as too many bookmarks! Add to your collection or give as a gift to someone special!

While curling up with a good book and a warm mug of tea may seem like the ideal way to spend an afternoon, choosing a unique bookmark may just make that experience even more enjoyable.

The OSIRIS Goddess bookmark comes in one size 2x7 inches = 5x18 cm

This can absolutely be used on school folders/binders, textbooks, work portfolios, etc.. It's a great way to keep your place in your favorite novel, journal, or planner.

It is a meaningful gift, designed to make surprise to your friends and family, and everyone else who loves to read! Great and practical birthday gift for a book lover. Goddess Bookmarks are a great way to commemorate a special occasion, make beautiful gifts, and party favors.

So why settle for a boring old bookmark when you can have something as beautiful and unique as our papyrus Goddess OSIRIS bookmark? Order yours today and make reading an even more enjoyable experience.

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Osiris is an old Egyptian deity, sometimes called the king of the underworld and the god of being born again and coming back to life. He is one of the top gods in the Egyptian gods list. Osiris was usually drawn as a wrapped up mummy shape, representing the cycle of living, dying, and coming back.

In the tales of ancient Egypt, Osiris is Nut and Geb's son, as well as Isis's brother and husband, who is the goddess of wizardry and intelligence. He is also the dad of Horus, the god with a bird head who became the king of Egypt.

People remember Osiris for his sad story, which has his envious brother Set murdering him. They cut Osiris' body into pieces and spread them across Egypt. With the aid of her sister Nephthys and the god Anubis, Isis was able to locate and piece together Osiris' body. She then used her magical abilities to bring him back to life.

When he came back to life, Osiris became the god of the afterlife and the judge of the dead. The ancient Egyptians believed that he would weigh the hearts of the dead against a feather of truth to determine their destiny in the afterlife. People who passed this test would earn eternal life, while those who failed were devoured by a terrible creature known as Ammit.

• Material:
High Quality %100 Certified Original Authentic Papyrus Paper

• Dimensions: Approximately
W x H = 1.75 x 7.10 inch
W x H = 4.60 x 18.0 cm
Weight= 6 - 8 oz

• Imported from Giza, Egypt

Egyptian Papyrus Bookmarks comes in a transparent cover.

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