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Last Judgement of Hunefer from His Tomb, Book of The Dead, Extra Large Rectangle Egyptian Papyrus Painting Wall Decor 36x16 Inches, 93x43 cm

Last Judgement of Hunefer from His Tomb, Book of The Dead, Extra Large Rectangle Egyptian Papyrus Painting Wall Decor 36x16 Inches, 93x43 cm

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Country of Origin: EGYPT

This amazing fragment of text depicts a thrilling judgment scene from the Book of the Dead! It shows the incredibly brave and heroic Hunefer being taken into the magnificent judgment hall by the jackal-headed Anubis. The next scene is absolutely breathtaking, portraying the epic weighing of his heart against the feather of truth (maat), with the mighty Ammit waiting for the result and the wise Thoth recording it. Finally, the triumphant and awe-inspiring Hunefer, having passed the test with flying colors, is presented by the majestic falcon-headed Horus to the great Osiris, who is seated in his glorious shrine with the powerful Isis, the compassionate Nephthys, and the four amazing sons of Horus! Above sits a court of gods!

The god of writing, Thoth, is recording the result of the weighing with his rush pen and palette!

What if Hunefer has been good?
If Hunefer has been good, he will be brought before Osiris (shown just to the right of this scene) and allowed into heaven!

What if Hunefer has been bad?
However, if Hunefer has done many bad things in his life, his heart will be heavy with sin and sink lower than the feather of truth during the Weighing of the Heart!

The Weighing of the Heart
In the center, another Anubis is adjusting a weight on the scales while the goddess Maat sits atop them! The purpose of the spell in the papyrus was to aid Hunefer in passing the test!

And if Hunefer has been good, he will be rewarded with eternal life in the afterworld! However, if he has been bad, he will face the terrifying Ammut, a monster with the head of a crocodile and the body of a hippo, who will devour him!

Imported from Giza Egypt.

• Material:
High Quality %100 Certified Original Authentic Papyrus Paper

• Dimensions: Approximately
H x W = 16x36 inch
H x W = 43x93 cm

• Weight: Approximately
0.38 Ounce = 99 gram

• Handmade / Hand Painted in: Giza, Egypt

• Great to frame as wall art. Our papyrus paintings are NOT FRAMED.

• Some prints have discoloration, tears and flaking at the edges given material and age.

• All Papyrus is hand-made & hand-painted, so yours may differ slightly from that in the photo


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Abbigail W

This papyrus perfectly matches the other ones I have in my living room. Excellent quality.