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Goddess Ma'at - Goddess Isis - Authentic Hand Painted Papyrus - Egypt Papyrus Wall Art Living Room Decor - 17x13 Inches

Goddess Ma'at - Goddess Isis - Authentic Hand Painted Papyrus - Egypt Papyrus Wall Art Living Room Decor - 17x13 Inches

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Country of Origin: EGYPT

Ma'at was an important goddess in ancient Egyptian mythology, representing truth and order. The name "Ma'at" means "truth" in the Egyptian language. Ma'at's role was to keep the universe from reverting to chaos, which was accomplished in our world through law and ethical behavior. The ancient Egyptians were expected to live by the principles of Ma'at, which meant that they should be truthful and honorable in their manner and actions, and that they should lead moral lives. The ancient Egyptians believed that after death, they would go before Ma'at and have their hearts weighed against her feather. If a person's heart was as light as a feather, they were judged to have lived a true life and were granted eternal life.

Ma'at also kept the greater universe in order. The universe arose from chaos, and Ma'at was the one who kept that chaos at bay. She was said to control the movement of the stars and the seasons. She also assisted in guiding the sun god Ra's boat across the sky, ensuring the regular passage of day and night.

Because Ma'at was both a principle and a goddess, her influence can be found throughout Ancient Egyptian culture. The principle of Ma'at was crucial in keeping Egypt's diverse groups of people and their conflicting ideas together. Ma'at's spirit was applied to laws and justice, and much was written about how to best apply Ma'at to various (but usually highly specific) social and professional situations. Ma'at's influence in all aspects of Egyptian life elevated her to the status of a quietly powerful goddess...

• Certificate of Authenticity
Our Papyrus Paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity that Guarantees that they were Painted in Egypt on the finest Handmade Egyptian Papyrus Paper.

• Material:
High Quality %100 Certified Original Authentic Papyrus Paper

• Dimensions: Approximately
H x W = 13 x 17 Inches
H x W = 33 x 43 cm

• Weight: Approximately

0.76 Ounce
22 gram

• Brand: Adel Ghabour

• Handmade / Hand Painted in: Giza, Egypt

• Each papyrus print comes in original packaging and all have a Certificate of Authenticity from Adel Ghabour. Some are signed as well.

• Great to frame as wall art. Our papyrus paintings are UNFRAMED.

• All Papyrus is hand-made & hand-painted, so yours may differ slightly from that in the photo.



• All images are copyrighted by AncientEgyptianPaintings. All rights reserved •

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Sandra S

The quality of the item is beautiful. The description of the item matched perfectly to what I received. The item went above meeting my expectations.

Audrey B

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