Geb Bookmark - Egyptian God - Geb The God of Earth - Egyptian Papyrus Bookmarks History Educational

Geb Bookmark - Egyptian God - Geb The God of Earth - Egyptian Papyrus Bookmarks History Educational

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Country of Origin: EGYPT

Geb was the deity of the earth and was central to the ancient Egyptian creation myth. Indeed, the ancient Egyptians called Earth the "House of Geb." According to the ancient Egyptians, Geb was the grandson of Ra, and the son of Shu and Tefnut, the deities of air and moisture, respectively. Geb was also the twin of Nut, the goddess of the sky. Geb and Nut were said to have been born gripped tightly in each other's arms and had to be separated by their father Shu (air). This explained why earth and sky were separated by the air we breathed to the ancient Egyptians.

Geb was frequently portrayed as the father of snakes, and was frequently depicted as such, or as a man with a snake's head. Furthermore, because the hieroglyph for the name Geb was a goose, the deity was frequently depicted with the head of a goose.

Geb was also thought to be the father of four important Egyptian deities, including Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Nephthys. Furthermore, the pharaohs considered themselves to be descendants of Geb. In fact, the pharaoh's throne was known as "The Throne of Geb."

The role of God of the Earth
Appearance: A man with green skin, leaves all over his body, and a goose on his head. He was sometimes shown laying on his side beneath his wife, the sky goddess Nut.
Goose is a sacred animal.
Nut (wife), Shu (father), Tefnut (mother), Osiris and Set (sons), Isis and Nephthys (daughters) (daughters)

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These Egyptian made papyrus bookmarks are the ideal present for readers who are fascinated by ancient Egypt!

Egyptian Papyrus Bookmarks comes in a transparent cover.

• Great to frame as wall art. Our papyrus bookmarks are UNFRAMED and LAMINATED.

• Please be careful when handling because the papyrus is delicate


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A quite excellent Papyrus painting !