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Egyptian Musicians and Their Instruments - Handmade Hand painted Papyrus Painting - Sistrum - Harp - Flute - 13x17 Inches

Egyptian Musicians and Their Instruments - Handmade Hand painted Papyrus Painting - Sistrum - Harp - Flute - 13x17 Inches

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Country of Origin: EGYPT

Music in ancient Egypt went beyond mere entertainment; it was a divine bridge connecting the mortal realm to the gods. During religious ceremonies, music played a crucial role in invoking deities, elevating the atmosphere, and creating an otherworldly connection.

Beyond the spiritual, music added joy to everyday life. Festivals and celebrations were infused with melodies, celebrating everything from bountiful harvests to royal jubilees. Musicians and their enchanting tunes were at the heart of these communal festivities.

Sistrum: The Sacred Sound
The sistrum, an instrument characterized by its jingling metal rings, held immense spiritual significance. Its distinctive sound was believed to ward off evil spirits and bring blessings, making it an indispensable part of religious ceremonies.

Harps: Strings of Eternity
Harps, with their intricate craftsmanship and resonant strings, held a place of honor in Egyptian music. They were often associated with love and were believed to soothe the hearts of both humans and gods alike.

Flutes: Channeling the Divine
Flutes, with their haunting melodies, were seen as vessels for channeling divine energies. Whether played in rituals or during serene evenings, their music was considered a direct line to the spiritual realm.

• Certificate of Authenticity
Our Papyrus Paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity that Guarantees that they were Painted in Egypt on the finest Handmade Egyptian Papyrus Paper.

• Material:
High Quality %100 Certified Original Authentic Papyrus Paper

• Dimensions: Approximately
W x H = 13 x 17 Inches
W x H = 33 x 43 cm

• Weight: Approximately
0.76 Ounce = 22 gram

• Brand: Adel Ghabaour

• Handmade / Hand Painted in: Giza, Egypt

• Each papyrus print comes in original packaging and all have a Certificate of Authenticity from Adel Ghabaour. Some are signed as well.

• Great to frame as wall art. Our papyrus paintings are NOT FRAMED.

• All Papyrus is hand-made & hand-painted, so yours may differ slightly from that in the photo.



• All images are copyrighted by AncientEgyptianPaintings. All rights reserved •

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