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Anubis Pins - Jackal Dog Pins & Pinback Buttons - Egyptian Pins - Pantheon Hard Enamel Pins - Pins for Backpacks - Lapel Pin Gifts

Anubis Pins - Jackal Dog Pins & Pinback Buttons - Egyptian Pins - Pantheon Hard Enamel Pins - Pins for Backpacks - Lapel Pin Gifts

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Country of Origin: EGYPT

These Anubis pins, jackal dog pins which measure 2 inches from ears to tail and have two gold backings, are perfect for anyone who appreciates Egyptian mythology and the graceful forms of the legendary jackal.

They are hard enamel pins with gold and black accents. The pin design is exquisitely framed by the thick, opulent backing card, which has a soft touch finish and embossed gold foil writing of Anubis's name in both English and Hieroglyphics.

  • Jackal dog pins for bags.
  • Anubis pins for backpacks.
  • Black Gold dog pins for jeans.
  • Anubi pins for jackets.

It comes shipped in a bubble mailer to keep it secure during its journey.

These pins are the creations of Jeszika Le Vye. Jeszika is an artist who specializes in creating elegant, mysterious art that explores mythology, the imaginary, and the beauty of the world around us. She is currently creating a collection of Egyptian Mythology work titled, ‘From Dark Expanse, the Stars’. The collection includes cosmic portrait paintings of each deity, gold pins of each Egyptian deity in their animal form, as well as altar cards and art prints. The collection is continually growing and new pieces are released every few months!

Anubis, the Egyptian god of death
The oldest and most well-known of the ancient Egyptian gods, Anubis is renowned as the god of death. Because they believed he had great control over both their bodily and spiritual selves after death, the ancient Egyptians held Anubis in the highest regard.

The ancient Egyptians initially referred to him as Inpu or Anpu, and Anubis is the Greek equivalent of those names. Inpu was the term used in ancient Egypt to describe a royal child, although it is more likely that the name of this god derives from the word "imp," which means "to decay."

Anubis was either pictured as a man with a jackal head or entirely in jackal form.

Scavengers like jackals ruled the cemeteries in ancient Egypt. They unearthed the recently buried, tore at their flesh, and consumed it. According to historians, it was because of this that the ancients chose to fight fire with fire by depicting the god of the afterlife as a jackal. According to recent DNA studies, the ancient Egyptian jackal is actually an ancient wolf rather than a jackal.

The skin of Anubis is frequently represented as black, while that of jackals is typically brown. The explanation is that black is both a representation of death and of the rich, dark soil of the Nile.


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Customer Reviews

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Witcher M

This is by far the most beautiful pin for my patron Anubis❤️‍🔥

Jasmine S

Very beautiful! And I feel the divine energy on the piece.