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Ancient Egypt Astrological Calendar Papyrus Painting - Sun Moon Stars - Dendera Zodiac 12 Signs Egyptian Astrology - 9x13 Inches

Ancient Egypt Astrological Calendar Papyrus Painting - Sun Moon Stars - Dendera Zodiac 12 Signs Egyptian Astrology - 9x13 Inches

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Country of Origin: EGYPT

As seen by this papyrus artwork, the Ancient Egyptians understood the significance of the Sun, Moon, and Stars. This calendar is a fantastic illustration of ancient Egyptian mythology. The Temple of Dandara in Luxor is where the Egyptian Calendar was first found. The 12 Zodiac signs, along with humans and animals, are depicted in the middle of this calendar. The zodiac is supported by four female deities and the god Horus (8 times). Horus stands for the four directions, and the goddess for the four seasons.

 The twelve months are symbolized by adding the goddesses and Horus together. The total hands, or the number of hours in a day, equals 24 if we add them all up. The result is 120 if we take the number of fingers (10) and multiply it by 12 (8 Horus, 4 goddesses). When we divide 120 by 2, we get 60, which represents both the 60 seconds in a minute and the 60 minutes in an hour. The story is written in the hieroglyphs on the side.

The Dendera Zodiac is proof of how well the ancient Egyptians could map the skies.

• Certificate of Authenticity
Our Papyrus Paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity that Guarantees that they were Painted in Egypt on the finest Handmade Egyptian Papyrus Paper.

• Material:
High Quality %100 Certified Original Authentic Papyrus Paper

• Dimensions: Approximately
H x W = 9 x 13 Inches
H x W = 20 x 30 cm

• Weight: Approximately
0.38 Ounce = 11 gram

• Brand: Adel Ghabour

• Handmade / Hand Painted in: Giza, Egypt

• Each papyrus print comes in original packaging and all have a Certificate of Authenticity from Adel Ghabour. Some are signed as well.

• Great to frame as wall art. Our papyrus paintings are UNFRAMED.

• Some prints have discoloration, tears and flaking at the edges given material and age.

• All Papyrus is hand-made & hand-painted, so yours may differ slightly from that in the photo.



• All images are copyrighted by AncientEgyptianPaintings. All rights reserved •

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Customer Reviews

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Stella M

My only regret I didn't order larger version of this calendar! I'm in owe of the quality of the drawing this! Thank you so much!

Lindsey S

Good quality print on nice papyrus

Laney P

stunning! arrived quickly and looks amazing

John S

Quality item. Have a few of these items.

Nik J

Stunning, piece, exceptional quality, and attention to detail. A wonderful addition to my collection.