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Thoth Pins - Ibis Bird Pins - Egyptian Mystery Pins - Pin for Goths - Tehuty Djehuty Tahuti Tehuti Zehuti Techu Tetu - Deities God of Wisdom

Thoth Pins - Ibis Bird Pins - Egyptian Mystery Pins - Pin for Goths - Tehuty Djehuty Tahuti Tehuti Zehuti Techu Tetu - Deities God of Wisdom

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Country of Origin: EGYPT

These Thoth pins are 2 inches broad and have two gold backings. They are perfect for anyone who enjoys Egyptian mythology and unusual birds.

They are hard enamel pins with gold and black accents. The pin design is exquisitely framed by the thick, opulent backing card, which has a soft touch finish and embossed gold foil writing of Thoth's name in both English and Hieroglyphics.

  • Ibis bird pins for bags.
  • Thoth pins for backpacks.
  • Black Gold bird pins for jeans.
  • Thoth pins for jackets.

It comes shipped in a bubble mailer to keep it secure during its journey.

These pins are the creations of Jeszika Le Vye. Jeszika is an artist who specializes in creating elegant, mysterious art that explores mythology, the imaginary, and the beauty of the world around us. She is currently creating a collection of Egyptian Mythology work titled, ‘From Dark Expanse, the Stars’. The collection includes cosmic portrait paintings of each deity, gold pins of each Egyptian deity in their animal form, as well as altar cards and art prints. The collection is continually growing and new pieces are released every few months!

The Egyptian god of the moon, understanding, writing, hieroglyphs, science, magic, creativity, and judgment is known as Thoth. Maat, the goddess of balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice, is his consort. He is Ra's eldest son. He is portrayed as having a human form, as well as a human body and an Ibis head.

Thoth, an Ancient Egyptian deity, was frequently shown as a man with an ibis or a baboon's head since those animals were considered to be his sacred creatures. In Egyptian mythology, where he maintains the universe, Thoth plays a crucial part. Thoth stood on one side of a solar barque, a ship used by the Sun God Ra, next to the Goddess Ma'at.


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Myah V

Good quality will recommend if necessary

Greg S

The pin is well made. Beautiful; and most importantly, not cheap looking.